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Our next 50 yearsbegins with a kisseach morning,cuddles at night,and holding handsevery chance we get.

Hello sweet friends and family. Welcome to our wedding celebration page. If you are reading this then you are very important to us. We created this page to let you know the specifics of our celebration and to have an easy point of access for important details that will come up and come in handy the closer we get to our special day.

The first bit of info is that the only thing we need from you is your presence. All room and board will be provided. If you are able to come, then your plane ticket is all you need to purchase. We can make arrangements for your transportation from the Portland, Maine Jet Port to The Bove House if necessary, just let us know.

We have spread the celebration out over seven days from September 18-24, 2024 for a few reasons. Michael's mother and father are celebrating their 6Oth wedding anniversary on the nineteenth of September. Even if you are not a Gagnon or Lang you are invited to the entire event. We also want you to have some wiggle room in your travels. We understand that you might only be able to attend one or two days. We cherish you. We want to see you no matter what.

We've booked the entire Bove House from the seventeenth so Michael and I can start setting up for the gathering. If that is the day you'd like to arrive please feel free to, but don't think for a New York minute that we won't put you work! ;)

All the cooking, all the baking of cakes, all the decorating and so forth will be done by us. This leads us to you and your area of expertise. There are two full sized stoves and refrigerators on site. If you are a good cook then please think of a yummy breakfast, snack or dinner that can feed about 25-30 people easily. We figure there will be leftovers and cold cuts for lunch, so that's not as important. If your talent is sous chef, or chief bottle washer, we'll need you too. We're bringing crock pots for roasts and ground beef for hamburgers. Chicken pot pies and cheesy-cheesy biscuits are on the menu too. Quinoa salad and standard big green salads will make an appearance as well. 

This isn't a shoestring event, but two big milestone occasions within seven days for possibly up to 30 people is a serious undertaking. I know you will willingly carve out your place amongst the controlled chaos because that's who you are and we love you for it. 

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