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Ireland - May 2017

After being well fed and rested at Mrs. Murapa's, Tau and I packed up on the ThiRd day and hit the road west toward Blackpool.  

This is Hadleigh, 

a quintessential

English town. 


Then through 

the lush 

Peak District. . .

Over to 

Hazel Grove. . . 

a special place.

Mrs. Murapa was a journalist in Zimbabwe then when she and her husband moved to England she trained as a nurse. Years in to nursing and having worked at a few of the top facilities in the country, she decided to break out on her own.  She applied for a loan to purchase a large boarding house in Hazel Grove so she could turn it into a private nursing home.

Now this building has been turned into several flats but Tau wanted to pop by and see the place that he and his brother Mucha spent some of their childhood. (He said it was a blast to live there - they had tons of fun!)

This is


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